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What is Kaqun?

water heart circleKAQUN water is the only (currently known) water that has undergone 13+ years of clinical and laboratory research carried out on both healthy volunteers and those with health challenges, as well as animal studies.

KAQUN water represents an absolutely unique development in water chemistry that is able to prevent hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the body) without side-effects, due to its highly-bound oxygen content that is captured in large and stable oxygen clusters. Kaqun water is created by a specific treatment process that enables substantially increased absorption effects in the body. As a result of KAQUN technology, oxygen has been made into a stabilized form with concentrations of 18-25 mg per liter, hundreds of times greater than in normal drinking water.

There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production of KAQUN, and the oxygen is derived from the water itself by the release of hydrogen; -not from an outside source.

There are two ways KAQUN water is delivered to the body: through the skin (KAQUN baths) and by drinking a more mild form of the KAQUN water (KAQUN drinking water). The drinking water of KAQUN penetrates the mucous membranes of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and then through its absorption qualities penetrates the tissues. KAQUN has been shown to reduce mental and physical tiredness, since it supplies extra oxygen into the cellular mitochondria that the energy (ATP) producing center of cells.

water drops 2 circle.jpgOur Research

In January 2009 the Kaqun Hungária Kft. commissioned the Cytogenetics and Immunology Department of the National Chemical Safety Institute to examine the immunological effect of the KAQUN water. You can read about the scientific research of the KAQUN water under the menu item Kaqun Studies.

With the regular consumption of oxygen through KAQUN water, cellular regeneration and repair mechanisms can be greatly enhanced, indicating that KAQUN has an effect on the natural stem cell physiology of the body.

KAQUN water is not your typical mineral water. In fact it possesses low mineral concentration, but has undergone first a purification process. By way of the hyper-oxygenation process of KAQUN, regular consumption has been shown to detoxify, refresh, energize, as well as increasing performance qualities as it alkalizes and enhances the oxygen transporting capacity of the blood. KAQUN also has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce allergic symptoms and positively affect the immune system.

KAQUN enhances the quality of life.

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