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Kaqun Drinking Water FAQs

Is Kaqun drinking water alkaline?

Yes, Kaqun water is generally a pH of around 7-8.

Are there side effects from drinking Kaqun water?  Can you drink too much of it?

Because Kaqun is so rich with oxygen and can enhance so many body functions, you might experience queasiness or diarrhea when you start.  Simply back down on the amount you are using and gradually build up to the desired daily amount.

Is Kaqun a mineral water?

Kaqun water is actually a low mineral water.

Is Kaqun spring water?

Kaqun is bottled from spring water but because of the process yielding high amounts of oxygen clusters, it does not qualify to be labeled “spring water” in Canada.

Do microbes grow in Kaqun water?

Kaqun water has been tested for microbes in baths used by very ill people and none were found.  The high concentration of oxygen does not allow microbes to grow.  You may notice that some drinking water or spring water has ozone added to keep microbes from growing.

What temperatures should Kaqun be kept at?

Kaqun water should be kept at room temperature or refrigerated.  Do not freeze or boil.

What happens if it is frozen?

The oxygen clusters are broken up. Do not freeze Kaqun water.

Can you boil Kaqun for tea?

No, Kaqun is best at room temperature.

Can you mix Kaqun with minerals, concentrated greens etc?

No, the oxygen clusters may be disrupted.

How do you know the size of the clusters?

Testing by spectroscopy reveals the size of oxygen clusters.

Is each bottling of Kaqun water tested?

Yes, it is testing for oxygen content, minerals including fluoride as required in Canada, and microbials

Where does Kaqun water come from?

The water for drinking is produced from spring water in Hungary and Italy.  It is bottled after the precise electrolytic action releases hydrogen and retains oxygen clusters.   Water for the baths is produced on site from local water supplies.  Extra filtering is sometimes required.

How does Kaqun compare to hyperbaric oxygen, use of oxygen concentrators etc?

All of these increase the amount of oxygen available to the tissues.  Kaqun is an inexpensive, easy and non-irritating way to enhance available oxygen.

Can’t we just drink regular water to get hydrated?

Water is important for hydration but normal drinking water contains 1000-2000x less oxygen.  Hydration and oxygenation are separate processes.  With drinking Kaqun water in recommended amounts, hydration also improves.

What’s the difference between water clusters and oxygen clusters in the water?

Water molecules forms clusters and particularly so when it is near the freezing point.  Imagine a snow flake which is 6 sided to picture the clustering of water.  The oxygen clusters at various groupings of O2,O4, O16, O128 etc and is in a liquid form miscible with water.

How long can you store Kaqun safely?   Opened? Unopened?  Should you refrigerate the water?

Kaqun water should be used in within a year of bottling.  Keep it at room temperature or refrigerated and never frozen.  Keep it tightly capped after opening and use within 10 days.

Who invented this method of water treatment?   

Dr. Robert Lyons, of Hungary, is the founder of Kaqun water.  He foresaw the many applications this could have in a world where many people are suffering from hypoxia.


Is there a similar process that happens in nature? 

The process is similar to lightning strikes in rain clouds.  However, special and trade secret catalysts enhance the cluster formations.


What if I spill the water?  Is there any change of damage to clothing, furniture etc?

In spite of being oxygen rich, Kaqun water will not bleach your clothing or damage your furniture like concentrated peroxide solutions can.

Can my pets drink the water?

Your pets will thrive on Kaqun water.

Can I put this water in my aquarium?

Yes, fish will thrive as humans too with the enhanced oxygen.

What does Kaqun water do?

According to research and observations, regular consumption of Kaqun water and/or using Kaqun baths, NK (natural killer)  cells are significantly increased.  Healthy levels of NK cells are a marker for a health immune system. In general, more oxygen becomes available to the tissues and cells and mitochondria within the cells. 


How much Kaqun water should be used daily?

This is the recommended daily intake:


To maintain health and wellness:  ½ liter daily

For chronic conditions: ¾ - 1 liter daily

For a weak immune system:  ¾- 1 ½ liter daily

For mental or emotional  stress: 1 liter daily

For sporting or performance:  1 ½ - 2 liters daily

For children, pregnant or nursing  mothers:  ¼ - ½  liter daily


Drink a few ounces first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and the rest throughout the day.  Some may find it too stimulating to drink in the evening.

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