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Why Use Kaqun? Oxygen Starvation!

Dr. Stephen Levin PhD “Oxygen and Life” published in “The Vitamin Supplement” Winter 1987

We are suffering from Oxygen Starvation

Modern technology has caused oxygen in the atmosphere to decrease. 
Increased use of carbon based fuels decrease oxygen (ie automobiles, heating, electricity)
Decrease in forested areas.

Physical assaults or disease cause oxygen deficiency.
Excess inflammation requires increased oxygen use.
Increased oxygen utilization is a signpost of stress. 
Low oxygen in body tissues is a sure indicator of stress. 

Optimal amounts of oxygen in our tissues is needed to attract the electrical energy present in alive, fresh, natural foods. 

Oxygen starvation is the single greatest cause of all disease. 

We are starving in our cities because we combust oxygen in our automobiles and industries. 
We are starving in our offices when we increase insulation to save energy costs. 
We are starving because of fewer oxygen generating plants and forests. 
We are starving because of pollutants which use up oxygen in our atmosphere
We are starving because the pollutants that we eat and drink are detoxified using oxygen. 

Free radical forms of oxygen are used by our bodies to combat infections. 

Oxygen deficiency is the biggest cause of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Oxygen concentrations in our atmosphere is being reduced by 0.8 percent every 15 years. 

In the case of illness, oxygen becomes less available for respiration as it is used up by inflammatory, immunological and detoxification processes. 

Emotional stress produces adrenaline. Oxygen is required to detoxify adrenaline. 

Oxygen is the single most important substance in life and should be used regularly as a medicine to treat the sick. 

Inhalation of pure oxygen is inadequate because lung tissue may be damaged by the high tension oxygen delivered by mouth

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