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Winner of the Ultra Marathon uses Kaqun Water

 Szilvia Lubics won the Ultramarathon! She uses Kaqun water during training. More info:




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Kaqun water therapy helps this athlete with a quick recovery after injury

Follow this link to the details: 


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Electrolytes are important too!

Kaqun water helps to increase oxygenation BUT it is not high in electrolytes (minerals).   People who are already low in electrolytes may not feel like drinking more water since they will be diluting their minerals even further.  Kaqun water should not  be your only drinking water.  It is important to use other water containing minerals or add sea salt or celtic salt to your water and food to improve mineral status along with drinking Kaqun. 

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Which water actually has a conference?

Kaqun, of course.   Meet us in September in Rome to review the latest research. 


Of course, it is really all about oxygen!

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Participate in a study using Kaqun water in cancer treatment

Go to this link and see if you qualify.  If you have questions about travel and staying in Hungary, please let us know.


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A Short Film on Kaqun Water during Sports


Download this short film about drinking Kaqun water during athletic events. This is courtesy of Jean-Luc, Merci!
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Kaqun Gold Gel

Kaqun Gel made with Kaqun water is available for purchase at the Canadian Centre for Integrated Health Studies 416-922-0006 in Toronto

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Dr. Garry Gordon at AHIMA last weekend

Dr. Garry Gordon was one of the featured speakers last weekend at the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine Association meeting last week.  He commented on Kaqun water as one of the most exciting developments in redox medicine.   He strongly urges everyone to read the book "The REDOX Life" to better understand the concepts.

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Free Shipping to Canada and US

Check our shopping cart.  We have lowered our prices to provide free shipping in North America.   The minimum order is 12 bottles

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A Link to an essay on the Importance of Oxygen


A wonderful link by Dr. Marcus Sircus.  Add Kaqun water as another method of boosting your oxygen

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Today is the Day!

We are packing up and bringing water to sample and an oximeter to test your oxygen levels at the Whole Life Expo today at the Toronto Convention Center.  Come by with your questions. 

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Toronto's Whole Life Expo

You can visit with us about the benefits of drinking Kaqun water at Toronoto's Whole LIfe Expo


 We will also be doing a presentation on Sunday, November 24, 2013 at the TorontoConvention Center.  Here is a quick preview:  


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


with Dr. Thomas Janossy, DVSc and Carol Petersen RPh, CNP 

Ten clinical studies and over ten thousand individuals (from 42 countries) are proving the benefits of drinking and bathing in super-oxygenated Kaqun water for anti-aging, sporting, mental performance, and many conditions where oxygen plays a supportive role. Now the technology has come to Canada. Kaqun water is manufactured by a unique electrolysis process, creating the most oxygenated water with the most stable (never before available) oxygen clusters (O16, O32, O64, etc.). 

Available afterward and throughout the weekend at KAQUN.CA booth 77.




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Why Use Kaqun? Oxygen Starvation!

Dr. Stephen Levin PhD “Oxygen and Life” published in “The Vitamin Supplement” Winter 1987

We are suffering from Oxygen Starvation

Modern technology has caused oxygen in the atmosphere to decrease. 
Increased use of carbon based fuels decrease oxygen (ie automobiles, heating, electricity)
Decrease in forested areas.

Physical assaults or disease cause oxygen deficiency.
Excess inflammation requires increased oxygen use.
Increased oxygen utilization is a signpost of stress. 
Low oxygen in body tissues is a sure indicator of stress. 

Optimal amounts of oxygen in our tissues is needed to attract the electrical energy present in alive, fresh, natural foods. 

Oxygen starvation is the single greatest cause of all disease. 

We are starving in our cities because we combust oxygen in our automobiles and industries. 
We are starving in our offices when we increase insulation to save energy costs. 
We are starving because of fewer oxygen generating plants and forests. 
We are starving because of pollutants which use up oxygen in our atmosphere
We are starving because the pollutants that we eat and drink are detoxified using oxygen. 

Free radical forms of oxygen are used by our bodies to combat infections. 

Oxygen deficiency is the biggest cause of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Oxygen concentrations in our atmosphere is being reduced by 0.8 percent every 15 years. 

In the case of illness, oxygen becomes less available for respiration as it is used up by inflammatory, immunological and detoxification processes. 

Emotional stress produces adrenaline. Oxygen is required to detoxify adrenaline. 

Oxygen is the single most important substance in life and should be used regularly as a medicine to treat the sick. 

Inhalation of pure oxygen is inadequate because lung tissue may be damaged by the high tension oxygen delivered by mouth

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We Are Open!

Kaqun Water is now available in Toronto!   We hope that you will take advantage of trying out this European  breakthrough to increase your own body's  oxygenation.  Please keep watching this space to learn of the latest studies, testimonies and why oxygenation is so important. 

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Kaqun European Water System


KAQUN water is the only-currently known-water which is available in bottled form and as a bath, and has medical scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers. 
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