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Introducing your Kaqun Canada Team

Dr. Thomas Janossy, President

Dr. Thomas JanossyWhen in 2009 I’ve heard about Kaqun for the first time, I just couldn’t believe the miraculous stories related to Kaqun and the characteristics of Kaqun water that defies physics – and logic. 
How could water keep over 100% dissolved oxygen without being under oxygen pressure? (Kaqun water has over 2000 times more oxygen than in rain water.)
How could Kaqun water remain tissue friendly when ozone and hydrogen-peroxide are greatly damaging if not diluted? With all  the exciting research findings which apply to Kaqun water, Kaqun surpasses ozone and hydrogen-peroxide therapies in other ways as well.

Ozone and hydrogen-peroxide therapies produce the highly beneficial “transient oxidative stress”  which triggers a series of benefits.   However, these oxidative therapies lack Kaqun’s  water’s secondary mode of action, the delivery of oxygen clusters to the mitochondria in the cells.  Using Kaqun water will also provide the oxygen needed for the “transient oxidative stress” reaction.
The credit goes to Dr. Sandor Kulin M.D., member of Kaqun’s Scientific Advisory Board, who convinced me over the years that I should take a second and even a third look at Kaqun. Once I reviewed the fascinating scientific findings, the ten clinical studies, showing the extremely wide ranging benefits of Kaqun water, I decided to bring Kaqun to Canada. In fact, I shipped the very first container of Kaqun water to North America. And as they say, the rest is history.  What could be more eloquent than drinking water and a warm relaxing bath!

Carol Petersen RPh CNP, CEO

 I am keenly interested in optimizing wellness for everyone.  In September, with my husband, Dr. Donn Gaudin at the encouragement of Dr. Janossy,  we traveled to Hungary to experience Kaqun baths and drinking water directly.  We  also attended the 2nd Annual Kaqun conference in Budapest at Semmelweiss University and were able to learn about the studies behind Kaqun water first hand.  On return to Toronto, a plan was made with Dr. Janossy to help bring the opportunity of this wonderful gentle way to increase oxygen levels in the body to people in Canada.  We found that when we returned we were craving to have more of the Kaqun water.  Low oxygen levels in the body contributes to many health  problems but successful aging is at the top of my list.

Donn Gaudin PhD, Dr Med, Chairman

 I am founder of the Canadian Centre for Integrated Health Studies (CCIHS) in Toronto. My  goal has been  to seek out the underlying causes of illness in my clients and optimize their functioning with supplying missing pieces and with decreasing the burdens of toxicity. As a former  athlete myself, I spent much of my career helping others with their athletic performance and their mental game along with their quality of life  When I founded CCIHS, I determined to bring my knowledge gained working with athletes to everyone. In recent years, I have become more and more invested in the power of the most fundamental of nutrients – oxygen.  Traveling to Hungary to discover the miracles of Kaqun water and its ability to deliver oxygen through the skin and the mucous membranes has made an impact on my own health and wellbeing and given me new energy to share this with others.

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